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Ductless Splits / Mini Splits

  • Brantford

Service Description

We offer Residential and Commercial Installations, repairs, or maintenance of cooling and heating systems including Ductless Splits / Mini Splits. Ductless split / Mini Splits are a type of heating and cooling system that does not require ducts. They are a good solution for home add-ons and renovations that don't have existing ductwork. Whether you're doing a complete renovation involving a cooling/heating system, a brand new build with multiple units, upgrading your current set up, or if you're simply in need of repairs/ routine maintenance we can help. From the first install and for the years to come we're you're go-to techs. We're happy to complete all your annual heating/cooling maintenance to ensure everything's running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. A well installed and well cared for unit will have a much better lifespan. Our Process: 1. Diagnose the cause of the faulty system. 2. Determine the most cost-effective and quality solution, sometimes this will be a repair, simple maintenance, or a new install. 3. We'll provide a quote based on our recommendation. 4. When needed, we’ll order the parts and book a time with you to complete the project. 5. Once completed we'll clean up and meticulously test the system to ensure it is functioning well and efficiently.

Contact Details

  • Brantford, Ontario, Canada

    (519) 770-8234


When Do You Need Maintenance?

Your system functions safely and efficiently but needs repair or routine maintenance to keep it working well.

What if I'm not sure if I need maintenance, repairs, or an install?

Not a problem. We'll ask you a few questions to better understand the problem. In most cases, we'll have a good idea of what the solution is after that. Once we take a look at the system we'll let you know what the next recommended steps are be it a repair, maintenance, or a new system.

When Do You Need An Installation?

If you’re in need of a new unit or require a replacement for an ageing inefficient system that’s no longer safe, cost-effective or functioning.

Do you give free quotes?

You bet! Just give us a call and we're happy to get you an estimate.


In some cases, we may need to set up an appointment to inspect the system to provide the most accurate quote for the project.

Give us a Call

519. 770. 8234

Do you do routine annual maintenance on systems?

We sure do! We also offer some great loyalty perks to help you save money on your next servicing appointment. 

Do you do custom work?

Yes, we love doing custom work! It adds a little extra spice to our routine. We've installed custom ductwork to match an industrial-inspired aesthetic of a home reno all the way to custom work needed for unique commercial projects that require special features. Let us know what you're dreaming of and we'll find a way to make it happen.

Wayne R
Google Review

"I have used Emrick Mechanical numerous times for repair and also installation. From AC cleaning recharge to new furnace install. Even a new pool heater they have done it all for me. I have never been happier with the product and the service I get from Emrick!! Highly recommend this company!"

Gina L
Google Review

"Great service when our AC broke in the middle of a heatwave. Super professional and quick and so helpful.


Thank you for keeping our house cool for our family!"


Precision, Punctuality, Quality

That's Our Promise

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